Our Audio Engineering Program is Unparalleled

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Music Production School

The audio engineering program at Dark Horse Institute is unlike any other you will find. Our classes will provide you with real-world instruction in music production and the recording arts. Your instructors will be producers and recording engineers who do this for a living every day of the week. What sets them apart is simple—they have decades of experience recording a veritable “who’s who” of recording artists from all genres of music.

From the first day of classes held in one of our four studios, you’ll be actively participating in various studio-related tasking such as: microphone placement, session set-up, gear repair, and more. Our classes are very small—never more than 12 students. And instead of sitting at a desk, you’ll be sitting at the mixing boards from the earliest part of the semester.  You will be learning on the same gear high end that is used in throughout the industry.

Our 14-week audio engineering program is located on site at the The Factory in Franklin, just south of Nashville—the city with the highest per-capita concentration of music industry-related businesses in the world. There’s no better place to set the stage for your career in the music production industry!

For a detailed description of what you will be learning, Check out our Program Overview.

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